Vegetable Garden
John from has Chef Lissa from Raw Food Romance eat every single leafy green vegetable that John grows in his organic backyard vegetable garden. You will learn about the heat-loving and cold-tolerant leafy greens that can be grown in the southwest desert and many other climates. You will discover the wide diversity of vegetables that John grows in his garden and useful information about each of the plants.

In this episode, John will pick and Lissa will eat all the leafy green vegetables and herbs John grows in his garden. You will learn about the most bitter, the least bitter, the sweetest, and the most sour vegetables that you can grow in your garden.

Vegetables that will be tasted
water spinach
lemon basil
Italian basil
chines chives
Fo Ti
Green Tree Collards
Leek Greens Baby
Flat-leaf parsley
purple sweet potato leaf
swiss chard
rock samphire
red bor kale
Egyptian spinach
green pepper basil
longevity spinach
la mo long aka paederia lanuginosa (unnamed)
grass jelly
purple oxalis
bele aka Tongan spinach
new Zealand spinach
purple tree collards
bulb onion greens
Surinam spinach
water pepper
dinosaur kale/tree collard hybrid
red-veined sorrel aka bloody dock
mitsuba (unnamed)
asparagus fern
curly parsley
Gotu kola
aloe vera miller Stockton
mustard spinach aka komatsuna
Britton shisho
red Rosie basil
baby arugula
dandelion common
furry mint
baby pak choi
green tree collard hybrid
purple basil full sun
baby red Russian kale
Casper kale
orange balm
Zatar oregano
purple garlic leaf
cauliflower leaf
creeping thyme
sweet marjoram
Cascadia lemon thyme
citronella balm
red bull Brussel sprout leaf
red sails lettuce
Lolla rosa lettuce baby
baby green onions
red mizuna
dinosaur kale
kohlrabi tree collard hybrid
baby fig leaf
lemon balm
Malabar spinach
mature arugula
mature green onions
bulls blood beet greens
new red fire lettuce
red salad bowl lettuce
melody spinach
chocolate mint
wild arugula
hot and spicy oregano
mature Lola Rossa lettuce
Okinawan spinach
hoja santa
Summary and Final Thoughts
Favorite top 5 Greens

After watching this episode you will learn about the wide variety of leafy green vegetables that John grows in his backyard. You will also discover what they taste like and some general information about them. You will learn about Lissa’s top 5 favorite greens that she tasted in John’s garden.

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