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Today we’re visiting Luana Carpenter’s garden in Massillon, Ohio.

We’ve visited Luana’s garden before, and it is always a treat to be in this beautiful space. Check it out here. Today’s photos are from the summer when the lilies were stealing the spotlight with their beautiful colors and amazing fragrance.

daylilyWe’ll start with a daylily, a beautiful white, either the variety ‘Joan Senior’ or ‘Gentle Shepherd’ (Zones 3–9), with elegant white flowers produced in great abundance.

The true lilies, with the white, incredible fragrant ‘Casa Blanca’ (Zones 5–8) in the center. True lilies are a bit fussier than daylilies but are some of the most fragrant flowers you can grow in any garden.

a spot to sit and enjoy the gardenIn peak summer lushness, this garden offers plants thriving in every possible shade of green, a spot to sit and enjoy next to the water feature, and stepping stones leading to more of the garden.

looking at the back of the houseThis view of the house through the garden looks like heaven.

garden phloxIn addition to the lilies, garden phlox (Phlox paniculata, Zones 5–9) is in full bloom as well, adding another note of color and fragrance to the display.

perennialsThe height of the perennials in the beds obscures what is beyond, helping to divide the garden up and make it feel larger.

Oriental lily ‘Stargazer’The classic pink Oriental lily ‘Stargazer’ (Zones 5–8) takes center stage here, backed up by other lily blossoms dripping fragrance.

place to sit in the gardenDon’t you just want to sit here with your morning coffee and drink in this incredible garden?

perennials knit togetherThe border is densely planted, so all the perennials knit together to provide a rich display through the season.

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