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Garden fountains and ponds ! 36 landscaping design ideas!

If there is a lot of free land on the territory of a country house, you can design a pond. As an economical option – creating a reservoir from an old trough.
Types of reservoirs:
– Fountain. Simple and strong construction at the same time. You can make it with your own hands. For example, put a wooden trough under a hillock, cover it with stones of different sizes, and bring out a water pipe.
– Pond. For such a kindergarten, the most suitable option. It is possible to equip a waterproofing pond – pit. If there are no funds, it is enough to bury a wooden barrel or an old bathtub on the precinct territory. Plant with reeds, lotuses and nymphs. The coastal territory should be decorated with herbs – sedge, fescue, miscanthus. Such a pond will look spectacular.

Don’t get carried away with using stones. They should look natural in the environment. If the reservoir is wide, then rafts or floating flower beds can be lowered into the water. Also, a bridge made of logs, thick branches or birch dried wood is suitable for decoration.

This video is educational in nature! Author of the channel “100 Ideas!” demonstrates fountains and ponds and explains their merits.
We made significant changes to our content using Movavi Video Suite 18 video editor, we edited several ideas (image) in a specific order to reveal the video creator’s creative intent, and added audio track with our instructions and free music YouTube.


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