Gardening for Beginners
Gardening for beginners – Sugar Rush Cream Pepper, Capsicum baccatum, Scoville units: 1,000+ SHU. The Sugar Rush Cream originated from the UK and is a white variant of the Sugar Rush Peach pepper. It is named for their intense sweetness.

We’re all about Peppers & Hot sauce. Hot Sweet Mild, all shapes, colors and sizes.
813 Garden is located in zone 9a Florida USA which is outstanding for year-round gardening. Future videos will include garden updates and How To videos for everything related to growing peppers. We will also share videos on how to make some of our favorite Hot sauces and maybe a few other food items. Welcome!

Our Pepper plants: Habanero Pepper, Scotch Bonnet, Anaheim pepper, Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper, Moruga brain strain pepper, Sweet Banana peppers, Shishito Pepper, Red Chili Pepper, Aji Dolce Pepper, California Reaper, Aji Sugar Rush, Aji Pineapple, Aji Sugar Rush cream, Tabasco pepper, Jalapeno, and more.

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