Indoor Gardening
Welcome to my first indoor plant tour!
Gardening indoors and growing fruiting vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers is relatively new to me, so I’m still working on perfecting my setups, but today I’m sharing all the plants I’ve got growing indoors right now, as well as the specific lights and setups/shelving I’m using for each. You’ll see a few houseplants too- but it’s really the edibles that get all my love 😄💚

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Seed Starting Light Rack- not a great fit
01:48 OpticLED Gmax Light Tent
04:53 Aerogarden Conversion and Microgreens
05:35 Industrial Shelving and Mixed Grow Lights
08:32 Vivosun Light Tent
10:23 Houseplants (non edible)

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